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Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
  • Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
  • Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
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Job description

The position of a Product Marketing Manager in the gaming industry is pivotal for elevating the games to new heights by fostering synergies among various teams engaged in product development and marketing initiatives for Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino.

Collaboration Teams:

The role demands active collaboration with every sector within the organization, including game management (product teams), User Acquisition (UA), ad monetization, community engagement, organic growth, marketing creatives, Business Analysis (BA), and Business Intelligence (BI).


  • Innovative Marketing: implement unique marketing strategies that stand out and capture the audience's attention

  • Organic vs. Marketing Initiatives: manage a blend of organic and paid marketing campaigns, such as burst campaigns, featuring, etc., to enhance visibility and engagement

  • Product Marketing: Identify growth opportunities by understanding seasonality, events, and market trends to align with product marketing efforts.

  • Comprehensive Product Knowledge: possess detailed knowledge about all the features of the company’s games, understanding them from A-Z.

  • Bridge Role: act as the pivotal communication link between the marketing team and game studios, facilitating the integration of new product features into marketing activities and ensuring marketing needs like Firebase, Dormant protocols, FTUE, iOS pop-ups, etc., are implemented in game development.

  • User Engagement: engage in direct communication with users through various channels such as player services, community management, ASO, and VIP programs.

  • Market Trends Analysis: keep abreast of new media sources, marketing agencies, tools, and trends in user funnels to optimize marketing strategies.

  • Seasonal Promotions: leverage holidays, global events, and special sales to design targeted marketing initiatives.

  • Competitor Analysis: stay informed about competitors’ features, campaigns, and creatives to adapt and innovate marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: work closely with teams across creative, UA, real-time bidding (RT), cross-promotion (Cross), ad monetization (Ad-Mon), product, and ASO to execute comprehensive marketing plans.

  • Marketing Plan Development: create and implement a detailed marketing plan in collaboration with the marketing team, outlining key activities, budgets, and strategies for user retention and acquisition.

Job requirements

  • Experience: At least 3 years of experience in online marketing, specifically within the gaming industry

  • Market Analysis Skills: proven ability to conduct thorough market analysis

  • Strategic Planning: experience in developing marketing strategies aligned with company objectives and KPIs

  • KPI Knowledge: familiarity with key marketing KPIs such as LTV (Lifetime Value), CVR (Conversion Rate), CTI (Click to Install), CPI (Cost Per Install), ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), retention rates, IPM (Installs per Thousand Impressions), etc.

  • Communication Skills: excellent communication abilities to effectively share ideas and strategies,

  • Relationship Building: strong capability to build and maintain positive relationships with partners

  • Analytical Ability: an analytical mindset with strong quantitative skills to analyze data and insights effectively

  • Gaming Industry Experience: experience working within a game development team and a good understanding of the game development process

  • Cross-functional Experience: proven track record of working with cross-functional teams

  • Marketing Funnel Understanding: comprehensive understanding of the mobile marketing funnel, including User Acquisition (UA), App Store Optimization (ASO), and First Time User Experience (FTUE)

  • English level C1