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We are Huuuge!

Creating free-to-play games for mobile devices is our great passion. Our portfolio has games where players can interact with each other and take part in a variety of challenges together. They are casual, with simple, clear rules that do not require a lot of time from the players. Visit GooglePlay or Appstore, install our game and see for yourself how much fun they are!

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what our employees say


Senior QA I am a part of something special, as we co-create the future of mobile gaming. It gives me a lot of satisfaction seeing how a well-coordinated team of programmers and testers work together to create games of exceptional quality. Just "keep calm and stay Huuuge".


Director of Growth Lots of challenges, ambitious and innovative projects, working with teams from different parts of the world, managing really big budgets, possibility of being a speaker at conferences and cooperation with experts in their fields. What more could you want?


Technical Lead

I am glad that I have been working at Huuuge Games from the very beginning of its existence and participate in all the processes that shape the company. The company constantly adapts to new trends on the market. Despite working in this place for many years, I cannot complain about the monotony for a moment.


C++ Developer

What I like most at Huuuge is the fantastic team and friendly atmosphere. As a programmer, I have the opportunity to work with interesting technology and use modern tools. I'm not just a cog in a big machine - I have a chance to present my ideas and solutions.


Development Director of Gaming Technology I have been with Huuuge Games since 2009. I have worked as a programmer and senior programmer, and currently I am the manager of two teams. What do I appreciate? Open feedback and an atmosphere of mutual support and throwing new challenges between team members, all in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


Graphic Designer Team Lead I am glad to manage a talented graphic design team and I am proud to produce new, exciting, and beautiful content for our players. There are many opportunities to be creative, innovative, and seize every day. I am thankful to be a part of this great, talented, knowledge-sharing community, where we see eye-to-eye and share the same goals.


Product Manager - Content Slots Being a part of the Team Huuuge is contributing, sharing and celebrating success,it  is also facing challenges which will make you reveal the whole potential of your creativity. Being a part of the Team Huuuge is fun. It is a place where you feel that the company takes care of its members and acknowledges talent. It's the place where you feel appreciated and recognized. If you are up for a good adventure, this place is just for you.


Senior HR Business Partner I've been working in Huuuge for about 2,5 years and I’m still as excited as I was at the very beginning - which is probably the best indicator of how interesting and engaging this place is. I feel I have a real impact on creating this company and its culture. I cooperate with people who I can learn from and I feel inspired by them. I appreciate the way Huuuge thinks about constant learning and development, about challenging status-quo and working with high energy and passion. Those who know me know that I share these values so I feel I am at the right place.


Our offices are located in Amsterdam, Bydgoszcz, Dublin, Helsinki, Las Vegas, Limassol, London, Szczecin, Tel Aviv, Warsaw.


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